Meet The Chiropractors:

Dr. Mark Algee 

Dr. Algee is a native of Ventura (San Buenaventura), graduating from Buena High School in 1989. He is a graduate of Southern California University Of Health Sciences (SCUHS), earning a degree of Chiropractic as well as being the Student Representative for Standard Process of California (a nutritional company).

Prior to going off to school Dr. Algee worked as a nutritional consultant, a personal trainer, and a massage therapist. These skills would later come in handy when treating his future patients.

Upon graduating from Chiropractic College in 2002, Mark Algee traveled to Jamaica, Africa, and Mexico always working as a chiropractor. Dr. Algee is passionate about people, travel, and chiropractic care.

Dr Algee is dedicated to making De-Stress Chiropractic the best Chiropractic office in Ventura California. He has continued his studies with years long continuing education courses and programs, treatment for sports related injuries, physical rehabilitation protocols for musculo-skeletal injuries, treatment of automobile accident related injuries and orthopedics.

Dr. Mark R. Algee, D.C. in his office at Ventura Chiropractic

Dr. Mark R. Algee, D.C.

Meet The Chiropractors:

Dr. Shannon Parasi

Dr. Parisi strives to guide and educate the community on a more holistic way of life. Health is simple, but it is a personal responsibility. She hopes to empower you to take control of your health. Choosing chiropractic care adds more life to your years and less prescriptions and diagnoses. Specific chiropractic adjustments accelerate healing from injury and illness, peak your athletic performance, and help you stay well by boosting your immunity.

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If you're unimpressed by Chiropractors this experience will be a different and better.

Dr. Mark Algee is not the typical. He won't just tell you to hop on the table and enjoy the same moves I just did on the last guy!

I've had some REALLY bad experiences with MDs and few positive ones. While I have not had any bad experiences with DCs, I had not had any good ones either. That was until I met Dr. Algee. If you have previously tried Chiropractic care and been unimpressed as I was, give him a try.

Camarillo, CA   

Dr Algee produced positive results in two days. My experience with other Chiropractors took several visits. He 's kind, caring and knowledgeable and his manipulation of the body produces quick results. He’s my #1 Chiro but don’t take my word for it. See for yourself.

Ventura, CA   

Dr. Mark is an amazing communicator. He relays the information to you in a professional way and in a way that helps you clearly understand the complex material. His presentation is very organized. The whole experience is easy to follow. After taking this course I've been able to fine tune my skills and investigate patient concerns much more effectively. He has helped me to be a better doctor. Thank you Dr. Mark.

Oxnard, CA   

I came to Dr. Mark Algee after suffering two years of chronic tension migraines. I had severe neck pain and pounding headaches, taking Maxalt for migraines, attended physical therapy, almost did a neck nerve block injection, and went to massage. I’ve spent so much money and time trying to get relief before I met Dr. Algee. He adjusted my neck and the relief was immediate. He talked me through the process with reassuring and comforting words, explaining the issues he found in my neck with expert knowledge. His bedside manner was so comforting. Immediately after adjusting my neck, knowing that it was a major procedure for me, he talked with me and made sure I was comfortable and at ease. I had minimal soreness and immediate relief. I used to crack my neck every 15 minutes but after the adjustment, I didn’t feel the need to crack it anymore. I have noticed a major decrease in the frequency of my migraines and neck stiffness. I plan to continue therapy with Dr. Algee as I am finally able to wake up without neck pain. I highly recommend a consultation with him if you are suffering chronic pain.

Ventura, CA   

Dr. Mark Algee had me in "awe."
I suffered chronic earaches and severe dizziness for over a year and have been through four antibiotic treatments including antibiotic drops. After Dr Mark cracked my earlobes and adjusted my jaw, the dizziness and pain have decreased to almost nonexistent and I've been sleeping well.
This old body is looking forward to regular back and hip adjustments.

Oxnard, CA   

A severe car accident resulted in my pelvis being fractured in nine places, leaving me with very weak and imbalanced hips and herniated disks in my low back and neck. I experienced extreme muscle spasms and constant tension from the misalignment.

I received treatment from five other chiropractors who could not help me. Then I met Dr. Mark and was amazed at how thoroughly he evaluated my condition. His techniques and approach finally gave me relief. He also taught me exercises and provided nutritional advice including which supplements could improve my condition without the use of heavy medications.

Thank you Dr. Mark for all you have done for me and taught me. You're the best chiropractor I've ever met. I wish you the best. You're a master at your craft.

Ojai, CA   

I’ve been a massage therapist for many years in the Ventura area and have worked with many chiropractors when doing massage therapy. Dr. Mark Algee is the most in-tune and thorough of any other chiropractor. He uses muscle testing and takes his time with patients. I appreciate that he has a genuine desire to help heal. I highly recommend Dr. Mark Algee to everyone. He is very good at his profession.

Ventura, CA   

Dr. Mark Algee fixed an injury that had been causing me pain for over one and a half years. I had chronic spasms in the left side of my neck that caused muscular pain, and cervicogenic headaches. My C1 and C2 vertebrae were unable to articulate, perpetuating the muscle spasms. After five treatments he relieved me about 90-95% of the pain and chronic issues. I still have minor neck pain, but it's much more manageable and self therapy that relieves much of my pain. Dr. Mark Algee's adjustments continue to prove beneficial even with my extreme dysfunction of muscle spasms.

Ojai, CA   

I highly recommend Dr. Algee because he has a wealth of knowledge and he knows how to balance the body which results in relief, comfort and relaxation.

I first visited Ventura Chiropractic when I couldn’t bend down because of the excruciating pain. I wasn’t sleeping well and was very nervous.

Dr. Algee was very thorough and made me feel relaxed. He patiently listened and adapted his treatment to my situation. When the treatment was complete he had me walk to assess how I felt. Then he told me to bend down. I doubted that I could bend down. To my surprise, I was able bend down. Very impressive. Since then I continue to see Dr. Algee whenever I have pain or discomfort. He is an outstanding chiropractor.

Oxnard, CA   

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