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DE-STRESS Chiropractic | Ventura, CA | Victoria Village Location 1 5 Stars Based on 21 Reviews >>

Ventura Chiropractic De-Stress Center is located just off of Ralston in the Victoria Village shopping center. When you’re ready to take the first step, give our office a call or text at: (805)-256-0701. Talk to one of our friendly staff today.

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Hours of Operation

Monday: Closed
Tuesday: Closed
Wednesday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
Thursday: Closed
Friday: Closed

Saturday: 10:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Sunday: 10:00 PM – 4:00 PM

About Ventura Chiropractic Destress Center

How can Ventura Chiropractic Destress Center help you?

As expected from an experienced Ventura CA chiropractor, we can diagnose an injury and measure the severity of the resulting pain. After the diagnosis is complete, you’ll be given treatment advice including physical therapy and exercises that can be done at home.

We will also instruct you on things that can be done to prevent further injuries so you rehabilitation goes quickly and your health and wellness return quickly. We encourage you to view our educational videos and our exercise videos for more information.

We Treat the Following Conditions:

  • Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • Blurred vision
  • Photophobia or sensitivity to light
  • Pain located on one or both sides of the forehead area
  • A pulsing or throbbing pain in the area
  • Faintish feeling or lightheadedness
  • Hypersensitivity to smell, taste, and touch
  • Loss of motor functions

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Find us online, search for a chiropractor near me to find directions to this chiropractic clinic. Look through our website for more information on conditions treated with chiropractic care and functional medicine, and what sets this Chiropractor in Ventura apart from the rest of the clinics.

Chiropractic adjustments are accessible for everyone in our clinic. We know we can provide the very best in advanced chiropractic, pain relief, health care and chiropractic care in our Ventura chiropractic office. Request appointment either by filling out the contact form on this page or by calling our office at 805-256-0701. Contact our office and have our patient forms emailed to you to reduce your time waiting.

Meet The Doctor

Dr. Mark R. Algee D.C.

Chiropractor & Chiropractic Educator


Dr. Mark Algee in his office at Ventura Chiropractic

Verified Reviews

Overall Rating: DE-STRESS Chiropractic | Ventura, CA | Victoria Village Location 2 5 Stars Based on 21 Reviews

Read what our amazing patients and clients have to say about Ventura Chiropractic De-Stress Center. Dr Algee is dedicated to making it the best Chiropractic office in Ventura, California. He has continued his studies with years long continuing education courses and programs, including but not limited to, physical rehabilitation protocols for musculo-skeletal injuries and care and treatment of automobile accident related injuries and orthopedics.

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I had neck pain for weeks that affected my sleep, mood, and concentration. A good friend recommended Dr. Algee. I called Ventura Chiropractic and was seen quickly. I felt comfortable in his office. Dr. Algee assessed my symptoms, asked questions and compiled a thorough history. I feel safe that he has my best interests and confident that he genuinely wants to see me feel better. Because of how Dr. Algee practices this art of wellness I have peace of mind and am pain free! He’s taught me about wellness and nutrition. Thanks Mark!! I’m excited to take control of my health and well being now.

Camarillo, CA   

I’ve been a massage therapist for many years in the Ventura area and have worked with many chiropractors when doing massage therapy. Dr. Mark Algee is the most in-tune and thorough of any other chiropractor. He uses muscle testing and takes his time with patients. I appreciate that he has a genuine desire to help heal. I highly recommend Dr. Mark Algee to everyone. He is very good at his profession.

Ventura, CA   

Dr. Mark Algee is compassionate and caring. He cares deeply about his patients' well being and humanity as a whole. He has a great energy about him and is not your usual, ordinary chiropractor. His approach is unique, thoughtful and thorough.

Ojai, CA   

Dr. Mark Algee uses various methods (including vibration assessment, muscle testing, and balance testing) to evaluate imbalances in strength, alignment, and brain function. He detects an imbalance, then uses his extensive knowledge of neural pathways, to determine a treatment. Some of the treatments include combinations of muscle message, nervous system relaxation, balance stimulation, vision exercises, and chiropractic adjustment. First, Dr. Algee uses various treatments to adjust the area or prepare it for the chiropractic adjustment. Then he reassesses the body to look for a change. He repeats this sequence of assessing and treating until the central and peripheral nervous systems respond and settle into balance.
Dr. Algee’s treatments help the peripheral body and central nervous system correct imbalances. He doesn't treat individual body parts. He treats the body as a whole system.
Dr. Mark Algee is a terrific practitioner and a wonderful, caring person. He provides unique, holistic, and personalized treatment; driven by compassion for his patients and passion for his craft. He doesn't launch into a series of chiropractic adjustments without understanding the body’s needs, unlike other chiropractors my family and I have seen,

Ventura, CA   

I’ve seen several chiropractors over the years, but my neck and shoulder haven’t felt this good for a long time. Dr. Algee doesn’t just crack your back and neck. He works the muscles and joints to address the cause of your issue. He is professional and conscientious and effectively helps you feel better. Susan is an awesome massage therapist too. I highly recommend at least one hour-long session.

Ventura, CA   

I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Algee to my friends and family. I am not a doctor, but I AM a happily balanced patient!!! Dr. Algee is brilliant. I recently lost my beloved doctor of 30 years and haven't had my body completely balanced since. However, it turns out my doctor was actually one of Dr. Algee’s students! Dr. Algee is thorough, gentle and has a unique technique. I slept very soundly after his adjustment. Life is good!

Ventura, CA   

I started treatment with Dr. Algee recently after being unable to cope with pains in my head, neck, shoulders, and upper back, and numbness in my fingers and one leg. I called and spoke to him personally over the phone. He was lecturing in Los Angeles later that day, but scheduled an appointment to meet me in his office the following morning – Saturday. After my evaluation, we began treatment the next day.

He has gone above and beyond typical chiropractors. He calls to check on me. He's concerned and thoughtful in his care. His prices are reasonable and he spends a good deal of time assessing my needs.

I feel much better now. I get regular treatment at Ventura Chiropractic, noticing improvement each time. Dr. Mark Algee is a good guy. I highly recommend him If you need chiropractic care.

Ventura, CA   

Dr. Mark was referred to me by a nutritionist friend. I had been experiencing neck pain for several weeks before going to Ventura Chiropractic. I felt at ease from the moment I stepped through his door. He has a great demeanor and is very professional. He isolated the source of my pain and adjusted me after thorough examination and conversation. Relief was immediate. He called me that evening to check on me. I look forward to future sessions.

Ventura, CA   

YES to Dr. Mark Algee DC at Ventura Chiropractic. He helped with numbness in my spouse’s legs. He also helped me with pains in my lower back and hip and more.
He will test natural reflexes where you need adjustment, not by electric stimulation.
We prefer natural chiropractic medicine and highly recommend Dr. Algee. He's kind and gentle and is there for you when you need him. He adjusts feet too!

Thousand Oaks, CA   

Dr. Mark is an amazing communicator. He relays the information to you in a professional way and in a way that helps you clearly understand the complex material. His presentation is very organized. The whole experience is easy to follow. After taking this course I've been able to fine tune my skills and investigate patient concerns much more effectively. He has helped me to be a better doctor. Thank you Dr. Mark.

Oxnard, CA   

If you're unimpressed by Chiropractors this experience will be a different and better.

Dr. Mark Algee is not the typical. He won't just tell you to hop on the table and enjoy the same moves I just did on the last guy!

I've had some REALLY bad experiences with MDs and few positive ones. While I have not had any bad experiences with DCs, I had not had any good ones either. That was until I met Dr. Algee. If you have previously tried Chiropractic care and been unimpressed as I was, give him a try.

Camarillo, CA   

I had been experiencing blockages in my body that were difficult to remedy. Mark helped correct my body. He's a very gifted, professional chiropractor and a friendly, caring person. I feel more peaceful, more present, and my perception is clearer. Aches and pains have ceased. My life has improved significantly since being treated by Mark.

Ventura, CA   

Well worth it!!
In one treatment, Dr. Algee ended three weeks of neck and shoulder pain. He's smart, skilled, and the best chiropractor I've known. You're amazing, Dr. Algee, Thanks for the excellent care at a very affordable price.

Ventura, CA   

A severe car accident resulted in my pelvis being fractured in nine places, leaving me with very weak and imbalanced hips and herniated disks in my low back and neck. I experienced extreme muscle spasms and constant tension from the misalignment.

I received treatment from five other chiropractors who could not help me. Then I met Dr. Mark and was amazed at how thoroughly he evaluated my condition. His techniques and approach finally gave me relief. He also taught me exercises and provided nutritional advice including which supplements could improve my condition without the use of heavy medications.

Thank you Dr. Mark for all you have done for me and taught me. You're the best chiropractor I've ever met. I wish you the best. You're a master at your craft.

Ojai, CA   

I highly recommend Dr. Algee because he has a wealth of knowledge and he knows how to balance the body which results in relief, comfort and relaxation.

I first visited Ventura Chiropractic when I couldn’t bend down because of the excruciating pain. I wasn’t sleeping well and was very nervous.

Dr. Algee was very thorough and made me feel relaxed. He patiently listened and adapted his treatment to my situation. When the treatment was complete he had me walk to assess how I felt. Then he told me to bend down. I doubted that I could bend down. To my surprise, I was able bend down. Very impressive. Since then I continue to see Dr. Algee whenever I have pain or discomfort. He is an outstanding chiropractor.

Oxnard, CA   

Dr. Mark Algee fixed an injury that had been causing me pain for over one and a half years. I had chronic spasms in the left side of my neck that caused muscular pain, and cervicogenic headaches. My C1 and C2 vertebrae were unable to articulate, perpetuating the muscle spasms. After five treatments he relieved me about 90-95% of the pain and chronic issues. I still have minor neck pain, but it's much more manageable and self therapy that relieves much of my pain. Dr. Mark Algee's adjustments continue to prove beneficial even with my extreme dysfunction of muscle spasms.

Ojai, CA   

Dr. Algee is the best! I was frustrated by vertigo issues, but he helped calm me. He's gentle and explains the treatment beforehand. I felt so comfortable in his care. If any friends needed a chiropractor I would send them to Ventura Chiropractic. Mark was amazing.

Camarillo, CA   

Dr. Mark Algee had me in "awe."
I suffered chronic earaches and severe dizziness for over a year and have been through four antibiotic treatments including antibiotic drops. After Dr Mark cracked my earlobes and adjusted my jaw, the dizziness and pain have decreased to almost nonexistent and I've been sleeping well.
This old body is looking forward to regular back and hip adjustments.

Oxnard, CA   

I came to Dr. Mark Algee after suffering two years of chronic tension migraines. I had severe neck pain and pounding headaches, taking Maxalt for migraines, attended physical therapy, almost did a neck nerve block injection, and went to massage. I’ve spent so much money and time trying to get relief before I met Dr. Algee. He adjusted my neck and the relief was immediate. He talked me through the process with reassuring and comforting words, explaining the issues he found in my neck with expert knowledge. His bedside manner was so comforting. Immediately after adjusting my neck, knowing that it was a major procedure for me, he talked with me and made sure I was comfortable and at ease. I had minimal soreness and immediate relief. I used to crack my neck every 15 minutes but after the adjustment, I didn’t feel the need to crack it anymore. I have noticed a major decrease in the frequency of my migraines and neck stiffness. I plan to continue therapy with Dr. Algee as I am finally able to wake up without neck pain. I highly recommend a consultation with him if you are suffering chronic pain.

Ventura, CA   

Dr Algee produced positive results in two days. My experience with other Chiropractors took several visits. He 's kind, caring and knowledgeable and his manipulation of the body produces quick results. He’s my #1 Chiro but don’t take my word for it. See for yourself.

Ventura, CA   

Thanks Dr. Mark Algee! You’ve helped my wife feel better and relieved her from all the pain she’s suffered. You work wonders. I highly recommend Dr. Mark for his wealth of knowledge and his professionalism.

Ventura, CA   

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